Many changes have been made since a brush arbor meeting in 1945. From swimming in Big Cow Creek to enjoying a water park slide. From sleeping in screened-in cabins to brick dorms with air conditioning. From a dining hall with screens to keep the bugs out to an awesome roadhouse with window booths and a waffle bar. Over the past 70 plus years East Texas Baptist Encampment has grown and changed with the times. Today we are at a crossroad. Our camp needs to expand in several areas to be able to host comfortably and safely, 500 campers in worship space, lodging, dining, and recreation opportunities. The leadership at ETBE has decided to enter into a capital campaign so that funds can be received to enable expansion and improvements that will take the camp into the next decade. It is our hope that the faithful churches of Southeast Texas and individuals with a special love for ETBE will rise up and help us meet the goals ahead.

Online Giving

Please consider helping with this capital improvement campaign. Donation checks may be mailed to the camp office marked with Destination 500 or use the PayPal donation button below. One times gifts or recurring monthly gifts may be setup through PayPal. Place a check in the “Make This Recurring” check box to make your gift a monthly recurring gift. A PayPal account is required for recurring gifts.

The Plan

To meet the goal of providing adequate lodging facilities, worship space, food service, recreation opportunities, and the administrative and health services that are needed to manage over 500 guests, the following projects have been planned.

  • Expansion of the tabernacle to increase seating capacity to 535.


  • Kitchen expansion for a walk-in freezer and refrigerator.


  • An additional small cottage to accommodate current staff.


  • Completion of water slide installation. (two more slides)


  • Renovation of breezeway restrooms.


  • Two small dorms to accommodate 24 campers or 4 families each


  • Construction of a new office/nurse station.


  • Build a roof over basketball court.


  • New restrooms at the pool and water park.


  • Install two metal Quonset huts similar to the metal shop.


  • Surfacing of roads and parking areas with gravel.


  • Addition of concrete sidewalks to connect buildings.


Rec color run
ETBE Tab during Girls Camp
Summer staff pizza day

The Provision

We are hoping that funds and resources needed to accomplish this campaign will come from several avenues.

  • Many churches in Southeast Texas are giving to ETBE on a monthly basis. Usually this giving is as a percentage of the churches annual budget. These churches may consider increasing their budget for ETBE to help the camp make these improvements. We hope that churches that are not currently funding ETBE on a monthly basis will consider adding the camp capital campaign to their budget.
  • Another way that churches could help the camp fund this campaign is by taking up a special offering over a specified time that would be designated toward Destination 500.
  • Individuals in the churches of our area could be encouraged to give directly to the camp. Our website offers the avenue of donating online or donations can be made by mail. A record of giving will be sent to anyone who donates to the campaign.
  • A vital part of this campaign involves volunteer labor to save cost, and give people the opportunity to serve the Lord through hands-on work. Mission teams from churches and individuals who are willing to come on their own are encouraged to call the camp office and fit into the schedule of work needs as the projects progress.