Meet our staff!

The staff at ETBE is here to take care of you! Our goal is to make sure that all your needs are met so that nothing can distract you from hearing what God has for you. If you have a need or special request please let any of us know.

Andy came to the encampment with twenty plus years in Student Ministry and five years in disaster relief ministry from Nehemiah's Vision. He has served on the ETBE Board and was board president before moving to Nehemiah's Vision. Andy will be leading and helping to cast vision for the future of the encampment.

Brian takes care of the administrative side of the encampment and is normally the first voice that you hear when you call. He will help you plan your retreat and workout the cost of your event. Brian may also be found working one of the shooting ranges or hanging around on the ropes course. He can also help you with any technology needs for your event.

Mikeal Bean - Operations Assistant

Judy Bean - Kitchen Supervisor

Mikeal and Judy began their work at ETBE as Summer Staffers. After their marriage, they felt God calling them to serve in camp ministry full time. They joined the year-round staff at the end of summer 2015.