Girl on high ropes.

Activities at Camp

ETBE has several different choices for outdoor recreation. During our summer camps all the activities are open for all campers to enjoy at no additional cost. Activities may need to be scheduled for smaller retreats to ensure that staff can be available. Please look at the price list for activities that have a cost. All activities listed under the last slider panel are open for everyone to enjoy all the time.

Water Park & Lakefront

ETBE Water Park Area.

The water park pool area is available for weekend retreats and summer camps beginning in late April through the end of September. The area has a large water park style pool that has a max depth of 4.5 ft. There is also a large deck area around the pool for people to sit and fellowship. Chairs and benches are provided on the pool deck. The pool has two water slides and a basketball goal. Lifejackets are available for younger swimmers when needed. The camp also provides trained lifeguards to keep your group safe in the pool area.

The lakefront area is open year-round for campers to enjoy. The camp has canoes, and kayaks with all the needed equipment. Lifeguards also need to be scheduled when you book your retreat or camp. The camp also allows catch and release fishing around the lake shore. Please bring your own fishing pole and tackle for fishing.

Canoes on the lake.
Kayaks on the lake.

Shooting Ranges

Boys at 22 range.

The camp shooting ranges give campers the opportunity to participate in three different shooting disciplines. We have a skeet range for teenagers and adults to enjoy. All campers can enjoy the archery and 22 range. Adult retreat participants are allowed to bring their own shoot guns for the skeet range that are checked in with our chief RSO. The camp provides all firearms and archery equipment for our summer camp programs. Our Range Safety Officers are ready for both the experienced and novice shooters.

Shooting at 22 range.
Shooting at Archery Range.

Challange Course

Campers starting up the wall.

The ropes challenge course consists of both low and high elements. The program is lead by trained facilitators and can be customized to your group. The low elements can be used to teach communication, problem solving, teamwork, and many spiritual truths. While the high elements are designed to take the participants out of their normal comfort zone. All elements are always challenge by choice, meaning each participant chooses how far they will go in each element.

Every group has a unique experience of fun, fellowship, and learning about themselves and the rest of the group!

Girl camper on the big zipLine.
Two campers climbing up the wall.
Girl on the Giant Swing.

Outdoor Activities

The camp has many activities that are open for your group with just your day use fee or overnight stay at the camp. These activities are on a first come first serve for the groups at the camp. Please look over at the camp map or see the list below for some of the activities available.

  • Dodge Ball Cage
  • GaGa Ball Pit
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Basketball Court
  • Camp Fire Rings
  • Nine Square in the Air
  • Ping-Pong
  • Recreation Fields
  • Nature Trails
Campers playing GaGa Ball.
Campers playing Nine Square in the Air.
Water games on the ref field.
Campers around a camp fire.
Trail behind lake to covered bridge.
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